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Digging holes

Bill Lawson should quit before he attempts to dig an even bigger hole for himself. Trying to circumvent the facts I challenged him with [DRC, July 11] only exposed him to more ridicule.

There may be a law that prohibits the sale of a gun to someone with a criminal background, but there is no law that requires any unlicensed gun seller to do a background check. Unlicensed gun sellers may be found at gun shows where 40 percent of all guns in this country are sold.

The so-called “evidence” Mr. Lawson provided to show where gun owners’ rights are being threatened under the Obama administration was the scam promoted by right-wing extremists. It alleges an unfounded claim that the president intends to sign international treaties on gun control by using the U.S. State Department to bypass the Constitution.

Not only has Obama stated he has no intent of signing such treaties, as has pointed out, but “all international treaties require the approval of two-thirds of the Senate before they are considered ratified and in effect.”

Lastly, his tap dance around Cornyn’s and Cruz’s vote against a farm bill amendment to require labeling at the state level of genetically modified organisms, or GMO, foods misses the point. Citizens can create an effort to get such legislation presented, but many corporate-friendly legislators are unwilling to do so in this state.

Our senators’ vote against this amendment contradicts their state’s right positions. Why? Because Big Agribusiness opposes such a law?

Larry Beck,