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Letters to the editor, July 22

Save Eureka

Eureka playground, called “Wood Park” by our grandchildren, is located on the south end of South Lakes Park. This is a Denton icon, a unique structure and an awesome place for children to play.

My wife and I helped build the playground many years ago and all of our grandchildren have played there. I think it would be a terrible mistake to destroy this artwork in the name of a perceived health threat.

The arsenic-impregnated wood with which the playground structure is built in order to deter rot could certainly be unhealthful if routinely gnawed on. To date, I have not noticed any damage from children gnawing on the playground structure.

Please do not let perceived threats destroy such a wonderful structure.

Joe W. Bain,


Think of others on Fourth

Out here in rural Denton County, the Fourth of July is an opportunity to show off. It resembles a war zone and this year seemed even worse. It sounded like mortar blasts and bombs.

The horses thought so, too, and ran frantically, barely stopping in time before crashing into fences. The dogs cowered and hid under the bed. My husband and I went out to give the horses hay to try and calm them. We had just finished and the horses were settled when someone set off a bomb. The ground shook.

The horses wheeled and ran. I never saw them coming.

The ambulance driver forgot to shut our gate, and so the dog I was watching for a very dear friend escaped and blindly ran away when my husband let them out. Luckily, he was found the next evening. A friend’s dog was not so lucky — he was hit by a car when he managed to get over their fence from terror.

I am home now, pecking at the keyboard with one hand and my husband told me this morning that one of our horses may need to be euthanized. She injured her leg from running all night on the Fourth.

There is no law against fireworks. You may, however, inadvertently cause significant pain and suffering. If you live in a rural area with horse properties, please reconsider. The specialist said I should heal in three months. I am very lucky. My horse is not.

Michele Helfrich,