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Letters to the editor, July 28

Poor planning

I was surprised that Texas Woman’s University wants to demolish University House.

As a TWU student, this was even more surprising because of the lack of communication to faculty or students. Alas, this is not the first time regents have made a decision without communicating.

Anytime a building that is more than 50 years old at a public university gets demolished, someone should look at the significance of that decision.

It surprises me that anyone is against this.

As students are lamenting poor board decisions to not look into housing or parking, we are amazed at the speed with which University House received approval.

If a new house is needed to attract a new president, the board should say so. But to tear down a building that has significance without looking at other options reeks of poor governance and poor leadership.

The house was designed by an associate who worked directly with O’Neil Ford. It is foolhardy for some writers to suggest that he was simply someone who hammered a nail at one of Ford’s sites.

At issue here is what makes something historical.

We are not looking at a building that has been deemed unsafe. We are looking at a building that is standing in the way of TWU showing a prospective president a new, shiny jewel.

In my view, regents have not done a good job of planning and to allow them to move this project forward without review is almost criminal. I applaud the person who contacted the Texas Historical Commission.

Dennis Barbee,