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Letters to the editor, July 30

Time running out

This is in response to the proposed placement of a 256-foot communications tower within 150 feet of the west fence of the Belew Cemetery. As a member of the Aubrey Historical Society, retired history teacher and longtime member of the community, I am interested in protecting and preserving the integrity of anything of historical significance.

It seems inappropriate to allow a commercial entity to encroach upon this serene, pastoral and historic setting. This very tall tower will be in the view of the recently placed Texas Historical Marker.

The graves of the area’s earliest settlers are near the west fence of the cemetery. The markers are fragile; some are marked only with large stones. It is possible that there are undiscovered graves in the area designated for the proposed tower.

To honor those buried there, I ask that the site for the tower be moved a much greater distance away. It would seem better for all involved to place the tower either farther west, or better still, north of Belew Cemetery and nearer to U.S. Highway 377 in an area where commercial businesses are already in existence.

Those buried in Belew are from several areas of Denton County. If others have similar concerns, please state those concerns to area newspapers, Trileaf Environmental & Property Consultants at 314-997-6111, to our two U.S. senators and Congressman Burgess. I believe this project falls under the office of federal communications.

Please do it within a few days as time is running out to respond.

Jackie Fuller,
member of Aubrey Historical Society