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Letters to the editor, July 31

Left’s mindset

I knew if someone wrote about how a child’s life is precious, that a few distorted souls would quickly write to defend the act of killing children and badger those who want to protect innocent life.

Restricting abortions after 20 weeks would save lives. Why is the left so zealous about having the ability to kill babies at will?

John Hipple’s letter [DRC, July 9] cries, if more children are allowed to live, then it would be necessary for more sex education and government programs.

People do not require dozens of dependent-creating government programs. A few decades ago, there were no programs. People worked, raised families and thrived.

They were not habituated to government cheese; they had pride.

John’s letter shows how weak and indigent the left’s mindset has become.

Also, there is a disturbing aspect to the situation, when the Democratic Party increasingly follows the example of Planned Parenthood’s socialist founder, Margaret Sanger, who spoke at KKK rallies.

“No gods, no masters.” — Margaret Sanger

Each year, Planned Parenthood still gives the Margaret Sanger award.

We can also see that today’s left seems to share disdain for God, as she did.

John Harazda recently had a great online comment, “Is there a psychological thing involved when humans cry over dead whales, dolphins and wild horses, but applaud the termination of fellow humans?”

The Bible speaks about a time when many will substitute darkness for light and evil for good; are we entering that time?

Eric Mach,