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Letters to the editor, August 1

Tough world

John Admire, [DRC, July 13] wants to privatize our U.S. Postal Service. There are certain right-wingers who think privatizing everything will solve all their problems. I call this “privatizing pustulation.”

First, let’s make another comparison. Private medical insurance companies were spending 63 percent on you, the rest going to profits, bonuses, etc. Medicare spends 97 percent on patients. A good example. Additionally, Obamacare now says private insurance companies must now spend 80 percent on you.

Geez John, Obamacare is helping you.

Now, on to the post office. Of course, cost savings need to be made, and postal employees can offer you some of the best answers to that. John mentioned closing 1,100 post offices.

The postal privatization pushers will probably close 2,100 post offices, quadruple the price of your stamps, take away all those pretty commemorative stamps for one bland stamp that costs less to print, and John, you won’t like the taste of the glue on the back of their stamps.

Let’s talk about privatizing prisons. America has 5 percent of the world population, yet has 25 percent of the world’s prisoners. I’ll never advocate legalizing brain-frying heroin, but if we legalized marijuana, we could save our country immense prison costs.

But it will never happen, John, because the prison privatization pushers spend millions lobbying Congress to make billions off you and me.

It’s a tough world, John, and President Kennedy said life isn’t fair.

Jim Stodola,