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Letters to the editor, August 2

Republican way

ObamaCare is always condemned by Republicans, saying health care kills jobs and increases costs, nothing but lies. Republicans voted against the following, and their recommendations?

Jobs bill: Nothing, other than starting another war.

Equal pay for women: Republican’s plan keeps women in home.

Planned Parenthood: Old men deciding woman’s health rights.

Immigration reform: Republicans are afraid of losing elections.

The new health care program stops insurance companies from rejecting pre-existing conditions, removes cap on medical procedures, covers children to 26 years of age and reduces your out-of-pocket costs.

Some businesses are against providing health insurance, by going to cutting employee hours and thus wages/health care/pension benefits, to protect their profits. The government health care program strengthens Medicare and expands benefits for Americans who depend on Medicare. This program provides states two years full-cost coverage and 80 percent after that.

This would help provide health care to millions of Texans without insurance but Gov. Perry refuses. All Republican leaders want to kill your health programs. Are they willing to give up their socialized government health care and lifetime pensions? No.

Republican leaders believe we need more border security — how will that be determined, maybe that means war with Mexico? New York Republican Peter King wants us to stay in Afghanistan until he thinks it is safe. That could be another 12 years.

Must we protect the world against all enemies, if so, then bring back the draft and send all your children to fight and die.

Philip DeGiulio,