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Letters to the editor, August 4

More arrows

Mr. Davis, am I really entertaining you or perhaps you are suffering from a terminal case of Foxlimbaughhanityitist?

Foxlimbaughhanityitist gets my vote.

Mr. Davis accuses me [DRC, July 9] of having one arrow in my quiver when he calls attention to two arrows. The first arrow is the death of Osama bin Laden. He also calls attention to other enemy names that he has dispatched. One plus one equals two. Do the tea party followers want to change our math system?

Let me grab another missile from my quiver. President Obama stopping the longest war in American history, which George W. Bush started because of nonexistent weapons of mass destruction at a cost of $720 million a day to the American taxpayer and a greater cost of 4,486 deaths of American men and women. Obama stopped it, remember Davis? Zap.

President Obama stopped a recession caused by the Bush administration that showed signs of being as bad as the Great Depression. He took office under the worse conditions since the Roosevelt administration. Zap.

You accuse President Obama of wailing about the destructive and dangerous treachery of Edward Snowden.

In your next sentence, you accuse him of “stating it is beneath his station to spend time worrying about a 29-year old-hacker.” You can’t have it both ways, Davis. Zap.

Paul, in case your weird concept of entertainment needs stroking, I will be glad to oblige. I do have many more arrows in my quiver, but my time is limited. Zap.

John Nance Garner,