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Letters to the editor, August 5

Knock it off

Many GOP friends say they don’t like Rick Perry. They cite troubling gaffes, bad policies and alleged blatant crooked business deals, yet still vote Republican.

They’ve watched Texas ignore the wishes of the majority and continually work to keep the poor, women, minorities, gays, seniors, teachers and rural Texans from voting or having decent health care.

The GOP’s governors have orchestrated junk science to bolster bad bills written to benefit their entitled, connected friends while pouring millions of dollars into elections to keep it that way.

Thanks to the GOP and the U.S. Supreme Court, we now live in a country where movements are contingent on your wealth, power and access.

They want more money in elections, but fewer votes — restrictions to make voting harder but buying an election easier.

When people pay heed, the GOP tosses up a distraction wrapped in the cross or flag, then goes ahead to undermine the average citizen’s safety and security.

The GOP has infiltrated churches to the point that if you dare not toe the “faith’s” party line, you’re not welcome. Religious beliefs trump state government now.

My Bible says life begins when God breathes the breath of life into a fetus, but someone else’s Bible tells them otherwise.

My science books tell me hospital rape kits aren’t the same thing as abortion, but the author of the new anti-choice bill believes they are. I don’t know where their “legitimate rape” came from.

Knock it off — you don’t really agree with the GOP, so stop voting for them.

Lainey Black,