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Letters to the editor, August 7

Sensible faith

Walter Lindrose, you stated recently in your letter to the editor [DRC, July 23] that politicians and religious people have a nonsensical belief that is against the Bible.

Unfortunately, you seem to have a little better understanding of sciences than an understanding of the Bible.

God is by his own word “the master potter” and “Creator” of everything.

We as mere humans fail when we attempt to question God, prove God, play God or be God.

Please study Genesis chapters 1 through 4 and you will see the timeline from God creating “Light” through the firstborn children. Also, study Romans 9 for a better understanding of why God is the “master potter” and to see why we mere humans fail to understand God.

Faith and believing are not political or religious — these only come from a relationship with God. Study the life of Abraham in Genesis and Romans Chapter 4.

In faith we believe God and do not put him to a test, like the abortion rights agenda.

In faith we believe God breathed life into man and that all life comes from God.

In faith we believe the Bible is God’s word in its entirety.

Faith that is sensible.

Roy Latkowski,