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Letters to the editor, August 10

Perry wing

I am profoundly ashamed of Gov. Perry and his Republican cohorts for attempting to disenfranchise a large group of Texas residents.

In my eyes the vote is sacred, and Texas Republicans should disassociate themselves from the Perry wing of the party.

Attorney General Holder is doing the right thing by implementing as much of the voter rights act as the Supreme Court has left intact.

T. Jervis Underwood,
Oak Point

Message from Mayberry

Cousin Gomer called from Mayberry. “Ern, (he calls me Ern), something strange happened at our church Sunday. You know we get a lot of nice young college students at our church.

“The preacher was about halfway through his sermon when a dirty, shabby young man came in. He had long hair and his clothes were in disarray as if he was a vagrant. There were no empty seats.”

Cousin Gomer said the church went silent as the young man went on down to the front and sat down on the floor in front of our preacher. You could almost hear the people whisper, “Get the bum out of here.”

Suddenly, Cousin Gomer said, you could hear a tap, tap as old Deacon Jones with his walking stick came down to the front and sat down beside the young man. He put his arms around the young man and said, “Welcome home son.”

“Ern, it beat anything I ever saw — the church exploded with applause and happiness. Let’s pray for our young people who were not as fortunate as us.”

Tillman E. Uland,