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Letters to the editor, August 12

Communist-leaning cohorts

The Obama administration and his communist-leaning cohorts are out of their minds.

Unless you’re a Muslim or an illegal, there is no benefit to the average American. Mine and your tax money go toward aiding and abetting their welfare and care, without our approval.

Is that OK with you? It’s certainly not for me.

It’s now OK for the Muslims in Michigan to draw welfare and health care from social workers who speak Arabic, paid for by Americans. Dial 1 for English, 2 for Spanish and 3 for Arabic. Is this making any sense at all? Doesn’t to me.

The socialist liberal media is racist. In my opinion, all races should be covered equally, and they’re not. How is this in any way all right?

The ignorance of our Congress passing laws that now only benefit a minority but not the majority of Americans is wrong. We are letting them get by with it — how come? I’ve written my three congressmen numerous letters letting them know I’m against what they are not doing for the rest of us.

How about you? Everything they are doing is wrong — I’m sick of it. Your nation is slipping away, day by day, and no one seems to care. What are you doing to do when there is no more military to keep us free? It’s already happening.

The communists are destroying the country from within, just like they’ve said they would do since 1950.

Jack Cox,