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Letters to the editor, August 15

Shooting arrows

Dear me, John Nance Garner [DRC, Aug. 4] is flummoxed over my arrow count. And what the heck is “foxlimbaughhanityitst”?

First, because I said John fired his last arrow when stating Obama killed bin Laden [DRC July 9], he now suggests I never allowed he might have had other arrows before he shot the last. Then he goes on to prove he’d shot the last by resorting to some sort of ray gun to shoot at me, i.e., Zap.

John goes on to misquote me by saying I accused Obama of wailing about Edward Snowden. I said his administration was wailing about Snowden while Obama stated it was beneath him to even spend time worrying about a 29-year-old hacker. I never attempted to have it both ways, John.

Paul Davis

Lake Dallas