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Letters to the editor, August 16

Bad guys

We have a thing called “Marines,” that when utilized correctly, would give adequate protection for our embassy buildings. In fact, they could have saved our embassy in Benghazi, Libya, along with the ambassador and three of our top personnel if time out from the campaign trips to Vegas had been avoided.

Now, with a plan to move interest from the various scandals — IRS, NSA, FBI and others — which our president calls phony, we work up the word that the bad guys are going to do something. These are the bad guys that the president advised were defeated last year.

Is this a farce to shift our attention from the current failures of this government to make us think that something more important is going to happen? Stop and think — don’t forget the many sicko scandals that they are now facing that he calls phony.

Closing our embassy buildings is another sign of weakness, when we should stand up and show our power to protect our property, personnel and country. Russia must be rolling in laughter over this move by our decision to hide and not protect. Then, we go into hiding from one day to seven days.

This gives the bad guys more time to walk into our unprotected, not occupied buildings and take what they desire or to destroy them with no opposition.Just think about three more years for us to suffer.

Ray Roberts