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Letters to the editor, August 17

Word in question

This is a response to a letter by James Penton [DRC, 7-29].

Believe is the word in question, and in your communiqué you state, “I do believe he is responsible.” I thought you might be interested in knowing there are adults who still believe in the Easter Bunny and that the Earth is flat.

You ask where is my proof that he is not responsible. By law, even in the red states, a person is innocent until proven guilty. Does this not apply to the president of the United States?

He is innocent except from belief, which has about as much weight as a pregnant mosquito. As an innocent man, under the law there is no burden of proof for him to shoulder nor should I have anything to prove.

The ball lies in your court, James. What are you going to do with it?


I am at a loss to interpret what you mean by “a customer of yours.”

The only way I can even imagine such a concept is if you have bought two e-books that I wrote and published on Kindle this past year; if this is the case, I do not consider you ignorant.

Indeed, I find I must salute your excellent literary taste, even though I do abhor your political leanings

John Nance Garner