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Letters to the editor, August 18

Children need breakfast

If there’s one thing citizens could do that would give every child a chance to succeed in school and ultimately in life, and at negligible costs, who could be against that?

A nutritious breakfast helps children focus better in class and prevents health issues that can diminish their academic and social skills. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention pointed out that there are “connections between physical activity, good nutrition, physical education and nutrition programs, and academic performance.”

Health experts agree that when kids skip breakfast, it can create a lot of physical, intellectual and behavioral problems for them. “Their growing bodies and developing brains rely heavily on the regular intake of food.”

The Denton school district has a pilot program beginning this year with two elementary schools that will provide a nutritious breakfast for every child who wants one, regardless of income.

Other schools are expected to participate in this vital program but are not mandated to. There are at least two elementary schools that have opted out of this program for reasons they feel are not practical for their purposes. But are they?

There’s a great need in Denton as there is elsewhere around this country where many families cannot afford adequate meals to feed their children or are unable to provide the nutritional foods essential to a growing body.

All parents and educators should get on board with this program. Creating a level playing field for all children to succeed shouldn’t be part of the political gridlock in this country.

Larry Beck