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Letters to the editor, August 19

No magic

Some while back a news article pointed out the reluctance of some area city officials to participate in or promote a new lake here in North Texas.

While I can understand all sides of the issue, we must take note of the fact that we will not be acquiring any new water resources by “magic” for the many new residents we are told will be coming to our area.

I am reminded of the enlargement of Lake Pleasant in Phoenix, Ariz. — an area which has even more need for water capture than this area of North Texas.

Naturally, there were years of planning, permits and construction, but eventually dams were completed, and most of us settled back to wait for the rains of future years to come with their runoff.

One person, however, surprised us all with the question: “So, when are you going to fill it up?”

Duh. Well, in the words of Bill Engvall, “Here’s your sign.”

Kathy Rhodes