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Letters to the editor, August 23

Charge on

Jenna Duncan reported [DRC, Aug. 12] that Texas Woman’s University intends to demolish University House despite the recommendation of the Texas Historical Commission that the nearly 60-year-old house could be eligible to be preserved in the National Register of Historic Places.

We must all applaud the TWU Board of Regents and TWU administrators as they continue down their valiant path to smash, trash and destroy the historic buildings on TWU property. What foresight, what sense of values, how admirable. Charge on TWU, charge on.

Martin Kemplin



Selfish negligence

I refer to all operators of all moving vehicles as “Phonies” — when they operate vehicles and cellphones at the same time. There is another definition for this term that also applies. Phoney means false, dishonest and not genuine or sincere.

How sincere is a “Phoney” vehicle operator about safety and life when death is a blink away? How sincere is a Phoney policeman or parent who exhibits this selfish and negligent behavior? Or, how sincere is a tearful apology, “I didn’t mean to ...” from a Phoney driver, pilot or train engineer who has just injured or killed others through selfish negligence?

Phoney operators are the greatest transportation problem ever faced by this world. We must control and prosecute them just like drunk drivers or we continue to allow them a “license to kill.”

Legislation passed in Austin has been vetoed by our Phoney governor. This term Phonies might also be an appropriate nickname for Mr. Jones and the Cowboys — in the AT&T Stadium.

Gilmore Morris