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Letters to the editor, August 25

Great gathering

Bubba called. Said he’s still laughing about my bringing a Schlotzsky’s turkey sandwich to the North Texas Fair and Rodeo volunteer appreciation dinner. Said he kinda figured I don’t like fried fish and over-cooked chicken tenders.

Outside of the food, he’s pleased I enjoyed the gathering — a few real cowboys and a whole passel of eight-day “wannabe” cowboys equals a lot of great folks that make this shebang possible.

Bubba saw the Fox special report on the “Food Stamp Binge” (Aug. 11). That beach bum Jason in California is a piece of work. At 28 years of age, old Jason is content to live on the $200 a month food stamp card.

He hangs out at the beach looking for surf and gals. He has no plans to get a job and says “thanks” to the taxpayers in a profanity-laced interview.

Guess that’s no worse than college students going to school on the taxpayers’ dime and a lot of them defaulting on those big loans. The student loans owed are at one billion dollars and climbing. What happened to paying your own way through school?

Obamacare is socialized medicine. People in nations that have this type of health care suffer long waits to see a doctor, longer waits to get treatment or get a panel that decides you don’t get treatment. Is this what we want in America?

Fifty-seven percent of Americans say Obamacare is a joke (Fox poll). Plus, this unworkable mess will cost billions of dollars and deliver what?

Alice Gore