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Letters to the editor, August 29

No breaks for phonies

It’s time religious preachers start preaching what their higher power advocates, not their political beliefs. We are God’s children, regardless of race, color or sexual orientation.

Phony Christians — such as Pat Robertson and Sen. Ted Cruz — preach taking away health care for 30 million of God’s children. Wake up people; hoping your family does not need health care will bankrupt you.

1. Thou shall not kill — abortion/death penalty/war

a. Preachers are against abortion, but to deny children food and health care after birth is OK. Church leaders should say to their congregations that birth control is denying one of God’s children to be born and is a form of abortion?

b. Preachers should push against the death penalty as strongly as they preach against abortion, but have no guts.

c. War is still killing God’s children, regardless of reason.

It’s time this socialist government stopped allowing tax breaks to these phony Christian groups.

Phil DeGiulio