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Letters to the editor, August 30

Tableware rename

This is just a light-hearted observation of a simple matter.

An eating utensil known for a couple of centuries or so as a runcible spoon (as in Edward Lear’s poem, The Owl and the Pussycat), seldom heard of now; then an advertising “genius,” self-proclaimed, of course, decided that the proper name for such was — spork.

I wonder whether he ever knew of the older name.

Joe V. Ratliff



Capable congressman

Congressman Burgess conducted two outstanding town hall meetings, one in Flower Mound and the other in Denton. It has been implied that the tea party arranged and decided what questions would be asked. That is wrong.

I attended the Flower Mound town hall meeting and it was an open question line and any question the audience desired.

As usual, Congressman Burgess took time to answer all questions as well as possible. He is one of the most outstanding congressmen we have in Washington. He will take time before and after the town hall meetings to answer and explain what we face in Washington.

No questions, to my knowledge, were directed by anyone and I recommend all voters attend his town hall meetings to obtain correct answers to the fiasco we face with parts of our government.

You will never find a more honest and capable congressman than Michael Burgess.

Ray Roberts