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Letters to the editor, August 31

Playground demolition

The DRC published [Aug. 15] Ed Soph’s guest column promoting the demolition of the Eureka playground in South Lakes Park. Supposedly, a safer structure of some type will take its place.

Apparently, Mr. Soph just doesn’t seem able to get a good night’s sleep until that joyous day when the “Eureka play structure” has been demolished (and the soil beneath it carted away).

Mr. Soph apparently has given little or no thought to the health of the workers who may be exposed to arsenic while demolishing the playground and digging up the soil beneath it (perhaps Mr. Soph would volunteer to help with that job).

He also apparently gives little or no thought to where the arsenic contaminated materials will eventually wind up (probably not in Mr. Soph’s backyard).

Perhaps Mr. Soph is most worried that after the Eureka playground is gone and buried, he will have to look for a new cause with which to frighten the local populace.

Or perhaps he already has a new one in mind.

Martin Kemplin