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Letters to the editor, September 2

Move to Texas

Where is a birther when you need one? President Obama was born in the United States, the state of Hawaii. But there was a Republican birther under every rock, throwing rocks, swearing that the president was born in Kenya. Now, even if President Obama was born in Kenya, which he wasn’t, he would still be an American citizen because his mother was.

Now cometh Rafael Edward Cruz, alias Ted Cruz, alias Calgary Cruz. Yes sir, Cruz was born in Canada. By the fact that at least one of his parents was American, Rafael T. Cruz has dual Canadian and American citizenship.

Calgary Cruz wants to be your president, just like Rick Perry did, or still does, just like Greg Abbott will, just as George P. Bush, son of Floridian Jeb Bush, will. Y’all come to Texas if you want to be president.

Back to our adventure. Now Calgary Cruz finally is denouncing his Canadian citizenship. He had earlier denounced sanity, reason, common sense, decency and a few other things, but we need to get back to our adventure.

Hawaiian-born President Obama had more certification than Calgary Cruz, but where are the birthers now that you need them? Not a peep. Are they collecting their rocks to say now that Obama was born in Nova Scotia, to deflect the attention from Calgary Cruz?

Donald Trump, this is your chance to run for president again, on the birther platform. But I suggest that you move to Texas first.

Jim Stodola,