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Letters to the editor, September 3

Demand changes

One of the few areas of agreement between Republicans and Democrats is that our federal legislature is dysfunctional. Legislators cannot dispute that fact because their performance speaks for itself.

The result of this dysfunction is that the numerous problems facing the USA are not being effectively addressed.

Unfortunately, no improvement is on the horizon. In general, legislators’ focus is on their political party and their personal interests.

To correct this problem, citizens will have to demand changes to procedures.

Changes to our overall governmental system are not required. But needed changes do include term limits, reduction or elimination of lobby financial aid, reduction of campaign time period, delay in time before departing legislators could accept posh corporate jobs, increase legislators’ salaries and governmental awarded campaign funds, eliminate party voting and require votes for individual candidates, and elect congressional and presidential candidates by popular vote.

The implementation of these and similar changes would result in legislators’ concentration on USA needs rather than personal benefits. Gridlock would disappear. Also, more astute and qualified citizens would run for Congress.

But a functional government will not happen until citizens demand it.

John Siegmund