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Letters to the editor, September 5

More divided than ever

Congress seems to think they know the answers to all the problems involving other countries and nations, but don’t seem to have a clue about how to rectify and solve our own internal problems.

Why is that? — a question I have asked before.

They are the elected ones who said they would protect and support the people of America, and yet, the problems continue to get larger and less beneficial to each of us.

It’s as though they are in collusion with an administration that ignores the constitutional mandate and Bill of Rights.

Members of the Supreme Court of this nation are no longer abiding by the constitutional laws set down by our forefathers.

Several appear to want to change it for reasons unknown.

If that isn’t worrisome for you, it should be.

If things continue as they are, we will end up like certain areas of Africa, where anarchy is commonplace.

I would hope there is still a chance we can regroup and be a nation of one people again; as it stands, we are more divided than ever.

It will take all of us to turn all that is happening around, but we will have to do a better job of doing what is right.

Jack Cox