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Letters to the editor, September 7

Final word

This is a response to John Nance Garner (DRC, Aug. 17).

I do not “believe” in what the Easter Bunny represents or what the Christmas tree represents.

I “know” that they represent the resurrection of and the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of the God that created all that there is and all that man will ever know. As such, this is the last time I will communicate with you in any way.

The God of all Christians will lead you through life even though you are a non-believer.

God be with you.

James Lowell Penton Jr.



Oh, Alice

Alice, Alice, (Alice Gore, DRC, Aug. 28) you need to stop smoking those tea bags. Students defaulting on loans?

Why are students charged shylock rates when the banks won’t pay 1 percent on savings?

Obamacare is a joke?

Don’t tell me — you have health insurance? Yes?

And most likely subsidized like most people by the taxpayer.

Maybe you know this, but the insurance company already has panels that decide if you get treatment.

Maybe you can tell me, what’s the only country in the world that puts health care costs on business? “In God We Trust America,” if you don’t have money or health insurance, you are going to die.

Oh, Alice, we are already socialized and have been for years. It has taken us to May to pay our taxes since 1976. What about all these people on the dole from the city worker to the feds. People in prison, FEMA, civil defense, the military — oh yes, I could go on and on. Obamacare may cost billions. We have unlimited funds for prison, the military and tax breaks for the aristocrats. What the heck, just borrow or print some more money.

Finally, don’t include me in that Fox 57 percent. I am liberal. I don’t smoke or drink tea either.

I drink whiskey and am going to start a whiskey rebellion. Perhaps you have heard of it.

John Thompson