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Letters to the editor, September 8

No need for more war

I hope the president does not choose to go into Syria with troops or drones. If the president and Congress decide it must be done, then the president should execute an executive order, placing a Universal Tax on every person to fund this war, and reinstating the draft, where everyone 18 years old must serve, other than those with a physical deferment.

I do not want Congress trying to cut any of the big three benefits — Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security — to cover another stupid civil war. It’s time everyone serves, not just the same troops who served two or three tours in Iraq (4,400 killed, 32,000 wounded) and Afghanistan (2,100 killed, 19,000 wounded), which again was never funded, just with American blood. I am tired of the flag-waving people asking others to fight and die.

Phil DeGiulio