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Letters to the editor, September 9

Derisive haters

Is it not odd that derisive leftists feel it is necessary to dictate to Christians what they should say and worship?

Phil DeGiulio (DRC, Aug. 29) may want to actually look at a Bible before trying to lecture folks on it.

Only the schlemiels on the left compare an innocent life to a convicted predator, which has committed murder(s).

I personally believe there are many conflicts that the USA should not be getting involved in.

But does Phil DeGiulio really think that the world would be better with National Socialism, Imperial Japan and al-Qaida?

Jim Stodola (DRC, July 13) lets us know that “trees, shrubs and flowers” are loved and valued as much as human life.

Then he cackled that Christians “must look the Jew, the Muslim and the atheist in the eye and tell each of them that you are sorry” for saying you are the only ones going to heaven.

Well, Wiccans, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Scientologists and atheists also believe that they alone know the correct path.

So why don’t these wormy leftists tell Islamists what they should speak and believe?

The good news is that the First Amendment allows everyone to freely speak and exercise their own religion.

So, if a person wants to worship trees, shrubs or some Marxist politician, they are free to do so.

But for the rest of us, we will believe our own eyes and follow the Truth and not a cluster of Christ-haters.

Eric Mach