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Letters to the editor, September 10

Setting an example

I would like to thank the Walmart on Loop 288 in Denton for hanging a banner that says, “Thank You Viet Nam Veterans.” This is the first time I have seen any organization publicly thank this particular group of American soldiers.

There are many signs around Denton that say “Remember Our Troops” and so on, but to my knowledge, none that mention us in particular.

Viet Nam was a difficult time for our country. Despite the fact that many of us were uprooted from our lives by the draft, soldiers were treated scornfully, spit upon, given obscene gestures and called “baby killers” at that time. This is not a rumor; I experienced this myself.

While stateside, we were instructed not to leave the military base in uniform because of the risk involved. People could tell we were soldiers anyway because we wore short hair and they ridiculed us.

We never got a yellow ribbon or a pat on the back or even a “thank you” from our own country. Until now. The banner said “A grateful nation thanks you.” This is the first time I heard it. So I say thank you back to Walmart for doing this. I hope others follow your example.

Ramiro Valdez