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Letters to the editor, Spetember 11

We need another Teddy

The Justice Department and six states, including Texas, are fighting the merger between American Airlines and US Airways.

I happen to be a retired captain from one of these major airlines. All of our pilots are fighting the Justice Department.

You know me, I always stand up for the little guy. That’s why I’m going to be unpopular with my guys, and stand with you, the poor passengers.

I always cared very much for my passengers. I’m opposing the merger.

Both airlines declared earlier that they could survive without a merger. For the month of July alone, American boosted its earnings to $349 million. The merger would make American-US Airways the largest airline. What will happen in five years? Well, United-Continental will want to merge with Delta-Northwest so they can be the largest airline.

In the meantime, you are getting fewer choices, less competition and jacked-up prices, no matter what they tell you. This last year alone, 13 million seats have disappeared and so have a lot of routes.

Our guys say it would be unfair for little American or little US Airways to have to compete with the giant Delta-Northwest and giant United-Continental.

Well, two wrongs don’t make a third right. Y’all remember Republican President Teddy Roosevelt who busted up the big monopolies in the old days.

Today we need another Teddy to bust up United-Continental and Delta-Northwest.

Jim Stodola