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Letters to the editor, September 13

Thanks for the streetlight

The purpose of this letter is to thank several people who assisted in getting a streetlight installed at the intersection of North Trinity Road and U.S. Highway 380.

Keith Gabbard, streets and drainage support employee for the city of Denton; Tina Massey, P.E.; and Nancy Cline, P.E. and area engineer for the Texas Department of Transportation, were easy to work with and helpful in directing the request to the proper people.

Of course, Oncor deserves a big thank-you, as well, for without the electricity, the light pole would be useless.

We now have a working streetlight that not only illuminates the intersection, but also provides a welcoming beacon for residents of North Trinity Road.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen, including Mike Brucia, Mary Lavender, Annice Norman and Mary Bowles.

Wayne and Sue Roberson