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Letters to the editor, September 17

Straw man argument

Paul Townsend asks [DRC, Sept. 6] why anyone should make “such a big deal over showing a driver’s license or state-issued ID to exercise your right to vote?”

I would ask why anyone would even think this was a serious enough issue that we should impose a hardship on others about. Since 2002, there have only been 311 accusations of voter fraud in the state of Texas. Of those, only 51 resulted in convictions. Of those 51, only two were described as “voter impersonation” charges.

Voter fraud is essentially a myth in Texas, and requiring everyone to have a picture ID is something that only the GOP is pushing for and appears to be doing so because the party knows this will negatively affect many legitimate voters who would vote other than for the Republican Party.

I doubt anyone can confirm where any election in the state of Texas was won or lost as a result of alleged voter fraud over the last few decades, if at all.

To answer Mr. Townsend’s other question, picture IDs are required when making most consumer purchases because, unlike bogus claims of voter fraud, there is a rampant history of consumer fraud that has costs Texans billions of dollars.

Comparing our constitutional right to vote with making a purchase at a department store is simply a straw man argument and aims only to misinform the voting public.

Larry Beck