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Letters to the editor, September 18

Propaganda dispenser

Paul Davis [DRC, Aug. 15], Foxlimbaughhannityitist is a mental condition caused by constant overexposure to right-wing broadcasters (Limbaugh, Hannity, etc.) And so-called journalists whose only mission in life is to attempt to persuade its listeners and subscribers to hate and despise President Obama beyond all logical reason.

It matters not if there is no truth to the radio reports or written articles. It matters not if they indulge in overly transparent subterfuge. It does not matter if the reports are totally irrational. What matters to them is to be able to portray President Obama in the worst possible light imaginable.

The Foxlimbaughhannityitist sufferer — who may in most of life’s situations be a logical, rational, well-informed individual — throws logic and rationality to the wind and swears that the propaganda dispenser is telling God’s own truth.

Another symptom of Foxlimbaughhannityitst is when confronted with anything President Obama accomplishes, such as: increased support for veterans; eliminated the Catch 22 in pay equality; gave the U.S. Food and Drug Administration power to regulate tobacco; kicked banks out of the Federal Student Loan Program; expanded the Pell Grant system; and passed credit card reform.

If it is in print, they refuse to see it. If it is on radio, they refuse to hear it. If it combines both senses on television, they become senseless.

Proof of Foxlimbaughhannityitist exists in the DRC posts of Ray Roberts, Eric Mach, Hyme Solomon, Jack Cox, Lee Nahrgang, Alice Gore and of course, last but not least, Paul Davis.

John Nance Garner