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Letters to the editor, September 22

What a contrast

Bubba called. Said he had some business at the Denton County Courts Building this week.

Said he was shocked and chagrined at the condition of the courts building grounds and courtyard at the seat of county power: dried and dead grass surrounding the building, dead and dying trees leading into the complex, trash and buckling pavers and walkways in the courtyard.

Who chose those bald cypress trees lining the entryway? Bald cypress are moisture-loving trees. Granted, the courts building was built on an underground spring, but that’s not helping those poor cypress trees. What happened to the grounds crew?

Inside the courts building was a totally different scene with a clean interior, helpful and courteous personnel in the county clerk’s office, friendly and efficient sheriff’s officers, etc. What a contrast.

What’s with this “lob and leave” situation with Syria that our golf-playing president says is a real emergency situation? Makes a body nervous with this clown in charge of the military and Mr. Magoo, aka Joe Biden, standing there in the background. God save America.

How you like those gas prices, folks? Wonder why the Keystone pipeline can’t get approved since this Middle East crisis is putting the supply of oil from that area in doubt?

If we get embroiled in the civil war conflict in Syria, gas prices are going to go through the roof. Oh, yeah, they are already close to that. Gas prices have doubled since this golf-playing president came into office.

Alice Gore,