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Letters to the editor, September 23

Grand Old Game returns

I was pleased to read Brett Vito’s reporting [DRC, 9-18] that the University of North Texas Regents’ Finance Committee has approved funds to revive the baseball program at UNT.

It has been 25 years since UNT phased out the old program.

A new baseball stadium will be built across from Apogee Stadium. That means jobs and money for Denton. A new ladies sport will also be added to the UNT program of sporting competitions.

The Grand Old Game returns to Denton. Let’s all sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.”

Martin Kemplin



Stop showing off

War is “obscene,” no matter if you’re a Syrian or an American.

Women and children will be killed if it’s by missiles, drones or assault weapons.

We are no more “holier than thou” and need to stop showing off to a world that does not admire us.

Dolores Vann