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Letters to the Editor, September 27

Questionable motives

Saddam Hussein, Moammar Gadhafi, Mubarak and the Assads could be suitable leaders for their countries, despite our ideas that democracy is called for. Reform efforts clearly have made matters much worse.

None of these threatened the U.S.

I have to question our motives. Ross Perot long ago said “follow the money.” Oil, pipelines, politics and religion are involved.

We are for overthrowing Assad, and we are supplying the rebels with weapons, some of which are sure to be used to kill part of the Christian minority there. We ignored slaughter in Rwanda, which lacks oil.

There’s a “proxy war” in Syria, with Saudis, Israel and the U.S. working against Iran. Russia and Iran are trying to preserve interests there.

Israel and Russia would like Syria’s chemical weapons to disappear, and some of the rebels would like to capture them. It would be a noble gesture if the U.S., Israel and some others would give up nukes, but that’s a real non-starter.

The U.S. superficially appears to be playing “pin the tail on the donkey,” while others like Russia’s Putin are playing “chess;” he dares us to occupy Syria!

But our president has managed to divert attention from matters like gun-walking, Benghazi, IRS discrimination, NSA spying and even “Obamacare,” so maybe that was his plan.

Sorry to be so cynical.

Ross Melton