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Letters to the editor, September 28

Label doesn’t fit

To John Nance Garner: When I wrote [DRC Aug. 15] I exposed that you had misquoted me, a gentleman would have corrected that. Since you have chosen not to, I must now suppose that you are purposely dishonest.

As to your attempt at a humorous label, it simply doesn’t fit me. I have stated before that I watch FNC Bret Baier, NBC Brian Williams and, for opinions, Bill O’Reilly. I am not a fan of Hannity, as I believe he tries to make literal what is otherwise a tongue slip. Much the same as Maddow and Sharpton do for the progressive side. Limbaugh is on radio so I never hear him.

I am as well informed as the two newspapers I read and various news programs I watch afford me.

As for pure hate, tune in to MSNBC and watch Mr. Ed. Now that’s a horse of a hateful color.

I believe President Obama is the most politically motivated person I have ever seen. I don’t think he makes any decision without first calculating the political fallout. Thus, his decisions are not always in the full interest of the people. A logical, rational, informed individual sees that clearly.

Paul Davis

Lake Dallas