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Letters to the editor, October 2

Picture this

Lee Nahrgang [DRC, Aug. 28] spends the first portion blasting Obama mostly about Obamacare until his final paragraph where he states, “President Obama isn’t the problem, though.”

Is that saying what you mean and meaning what you say?

Although he seems to think Obamacare ranks second in evil intent only to the satanic bible, he does avow “even with millions more covered.” Lee, would you like to insert some reality into your tirade?

Try 44 million. That’s the true number and those numbers represent people who live, breathe and without Obamacare suffered with no hope of help.

Humor me, Lee. Form a mental picture of your most loved relative or friend. Now picture that person being sick, not with the sniffles or a cough but a deadly disease that fills the body with pain and the mind with the knowledge that death is imminent.

In your picture watch the crying out with unbearable pain. Continue to watch the suffering and in imagination know there is no insurance; no Obamacare.

Lee, if you are following my instructions and if your heart has love and compassion, do you want to take Obamacare away from people?

When you meet your maker, how will you explain your intense opposition against a bill that does so much good for so many?

John Nance Garner