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Letters to the editor, October 3

Farewell Carolyn Phillips

Southeast Denton has lost a great leader in Carolyn Phillips. Carolyn was an extremely smart, outgoing, intelligent, caring and positive person who went out of her way for everyone and cared deeply for the neighborhood.

In the late 1990s, Carolyn had a vision to start a group for the neighborhood where neighbors could voice their opinion and keep track of what was going on in and out of the community. Southeast Denton Neighborhood Association was born, SEDNA for short.

She fought long and hard for SEDNA. Any changes brought to Southeast Denton that needed to be dealt with, Carolyn was our strong voice of reason. She will forever be missed.

We know that death is not an end, nor does it leave one unclothed, but clad in an immortal spiritual body. We acknowledge and claim the promise that life is but a preparation for a bigger and better life to follow.

One of life’s most difficult moments is saying goodbye to someone very special. But God gives us strength to do that when we put our faith and trust in him.

To the family: In the midst of your pain and grief, there is a God who cares and understands.

He offers peace for your turmoil. He grants strength for your weakness. Most of all, he offers unchanging power.

Colette Johnson, president

Southeast Denton Neighborhood Association