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Letters to the editor, October 4

Don’t blame conservatives

Bubba called. Said a note to John Thompson [DRC, Sept. 7]: Looking at America’s problems through the end of your whiskey bottle won’t change the facts, it just blurs reality. (Not exactly what Bubba said, but fairly close. Kinda.)

The Washington Times of Sept. 2 reports that Fox News remains the most-watched cable news network for the past 140 months. Bubba says Fox is the only news channel that gives Americans the facts and doesn’t report White House “talking points.”

Bubba said liberals need to stop using politics of deflection — that’s blaming conservatives for all the problems of America. You need to own up to the fact that Obama is just a campaigner and doesn’t seem to know squat about being a leader.

Or is all this chaos by design?

One year later, nothing has been done regarding the four Americans killed in Benghazi. Now Obama is talking bombing Syria while Egypt is in turmoil due in part to his support of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Islamic rebels are growing stronger all over the Middle East.

Obama’s foreign policy is a disaster — total incompetence on display.

Wouldn’t you love to see those student records Obama had sealed when he was elected president? Be interesting to see what little old Barry Soetoro, a.k.a. Barack H. Obama, put down as his citizenship or country of origin on those graduate school forms and that first passport. Hum?

Ninety million working-age Americans not in the labor force. Where are the jobs, Mr. President?

Alice Gore