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Letters to the editor, October 5

Excellent classes

Your recent editorial concerning the RAD (Rape Aggression Defense) classes offered by the Denton Police Department encouraged me to take the classes.

They were excellent, informative and extremely helpful in raising awareness of the possibility of this crime happening to residents in Denton and how to repel these attacks.

I am grateful that I saw your article and grateful for the police officers who presented the classes, as well as the work they do every day to keep us safe.

Bonnie Bassett



My take on Syria

The Syria scenario changes weekly. Even the U.S.-Russia agreement is falling apart.

Here’s my take. There are 22 countries in the Arab League, including Kuwait, Libya, Morocco, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates and Syria itself.

The league voted that there must be international strikes against Assad for using chemical weapons, with Algeria, Egypt, Iraq (our dear buddies, or not), Lebanon and Tunisia saying they are “opposed to the final decision to call for foreign military action.”

Make the Arab League strike Syria. This is their geographic territory, their peoples. Of course, they have “limited” fire power compared to the United States, but of course these are supposed to be “limited” strikes.

Then, when some terrorist group wants to retaliate, the group can blow up some towers over there ... instead of in Kansas.

Jim Stodola