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Letters to the editor, October 7

Against the oath

I’ve come to the conclusion that my nation and even my state are no longer a part of me. Let me explain. At my current age (older than 65), I cannot accept the things I do not abide by. The country’s dissolution and weakness to solve problems we all face is disheartening.

A large segment of the populace is willing to accept irresponsible behavior by this administration and Congress. What was once a great place to receive medical care is now in question.

The unconstitutional levying of taxes on the public regarding the Environmental Protection Agency’s imposing a tax on emissions and thereby passing the legislative process that’s supposed to be by Congress.

The granting of illegal aliens back-door amnesty through the Department of Homeland Security and the Obama White House by a stay of refusal fiat.

The Justice Department run by Eric Holder, using its power to seize personal phone records of Associated Press editors and journalists, which is an assault on the First Amendment and is unchallenged at this time.

Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services also violates the First Amendment by forcing employers to cover abortion-inducing drugs and contraceptives in the health insurance they provide employees, even if it goes against their moral objections.

The IRS targeting and harassing conservative groups who are against Obama’s political causes.

All of these actions go against the oath the president took when elected to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Hence, I cannot abide by the decisions made by this president.

Jack Cox