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Letters to the editor, October 8

Review and revise

Regarding the “Mayor’s travel expenses bust budget” story by Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe [DRC, Sept. 15]: I have no problem with the mayor traveling in order to improve our city and to see how other cities operate.

I do have trouble reading that our tax dollars are being used to pay for airline tickets totaling $9,500 to fly to Brazil and Estonia. Certainly, those are not coach fares.

There are other expenses that I don’t agree with that I am not going to elaborate on in this letter.

What I would like to express is my concern that these expenses have been approved. I would like the City Council and the city manager to take into consideration how taxpayers’ money is being spent.

I understand there are travel regulations in place. Perhaps this is a good time to review and revise them.

Elaine Fannin