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Letters to the editor, October 11

Only one reason

A recent letter in this section states that “voter fraud is essentially a myth in Texas” and that having to show a “driver’s license or state-issued ID” in order to vote would “impose a hardship” on some and “will negatively affect many legitimate voters.”

The writer goes on to say that he doubts that “anyone can confirm where any election in Texas was won or lost as a result of alleged voter fraud.”

It is my understanding that Texas will provide an ID card free of charge for those who may not already have a driver’s license. Anyone who wants to vote should be able to provide the necessary identification when they vote with little or no inconvenience.

Concerning whether any past elections have been won or lost due to fraud, nobody actually knows.

If there has been fraud, it has been successful. Providing a photograph merely helps identify the voter and helps to prevent fraud.

If, as the writer states, “consumer fraud has cost Texans billions of dollars,” what has voter fraud, if it exists, cost our state?

How would needing a picture ID negatively affect many legitimate voters? Everyone wants to know that the people we elect to any office are truly the ones that a majority of legitimate voters have selected.

Straw man? Not a chance. In our hearts, we all know there is only one reason for some folks to not want voters to have to identify themselves before entering the voting booth.

R.W. Sigler