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Letters to the editor, October 12

Height of hypocrisy

Welfare is best defined as people receiving more in government benefits than they pay in taxes.

Republicans are determined to drastically cut welfare programs that help poor people, such as food stamps, subsidized housing and Medicaid. However, they aren’t nearly as concerned with welfare for more affluent people. Michael Tanner of the conservative points out the following “welfare” programs that should get the same treatment as welfare for the poor:

Seniors, including myself, get far more in Social Security and Medicare benefits than they pay in payroll taxes.

Big corporations receive $100 billion in direct payments and subsidies from the government, including farm subsidies, “green” energy subsidies and import-export bank loan guarantees.

The military squanders billions on weapons systems it doesn’t need to provide jobs in key lawmakers’ districts.

Why isn’t there as much effort to cut “welfare” for the affluent? Because they have the money and power to force lawmakers to leave their benefits alone. It is the height of hypocrisy to only attack welfare that goes to those who need it the most and leave all other forms alone.

Bob Michaelsen