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Letters to the editor, October 13

Outstanding senator

Is there any other reason to vote for senators and congressmen, other than we desire they support us — the public and voters — while they spend their time in Washington, D.C.?

We now have had an outstanding senator, Ted Cruz, step up and attempt to defeat a sicko law that was basically started by Hillary Clinton and now promoted by President Obama — the Affordable Care Act — which is Obama’s national-controlled health program.

Ted Cruz spent 21 hours in the Senate explaining to the public, and a few senators, how destructive these programs are, but he has got very little support from our voted-in Republican senators to support him and help us as the public.

Where were they hiding during Ted Cruz’s outstanding speech?

Now it is known that most of them are siding with Sen. Harry Reid, the sad, sick Democratic senator, to save this worthless law for Obama and Hillary.

It is time to start working to vote for political senators and congressmen that truly desire to work for us, citizens and voters, and not those that desire to make a career out of living in Washington, D.C.

We currently have too many in D.C. who have been there for years accumulating their wealth and giving no support to their citizens.

Let’s vote in the future with the intent to save America.

Ray Roberts