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Letters to the editor, October 14

Help Christian brethren

“Three Americans and one Briton were among those who attacked a Nairobi shopping mall. More than 60 people have been killed in the assault, which has lasted for three days,” said Kenya’s foreign minister.

In Nigeria, Christians are under constant assault; likewise, in Egypt, China and throughout most of the world.

In the West, Christian beliefs and practices are being constantly assailed by “Lawfare” conducted by dregs.

“Christians are targeted in greater numbers than any other faith group on earth,” — The Telegraph.

In the places where the radical Islamic movement (the Arab Spring) happened; millions of Christians and other minorities have been killed or displaced.

Why has most of the media ignored this fact along with the mistreatment of women and others, there?

You would think that the left would be speaking out about the persecution of millions of women and minorities in Islamic and communist nations; after listening to all their empty rantings.

But we know that the left ignores human rights in order to further the left’s progression and to protect its allies.

Why does the USA aid fanatical Islamic nations and movements, which have been a constant threat to us for years? We should instead send those materials to people who share our values and do not attack us; our persecuted Christian brothers and sisters around the world.

Let us pray and help our Christian brethren who live under terrible conditions.

Eric Mach