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Letters to the editor, October 17

Blind loyalty

Born and raised in Texas, I’ve watched our politics devolve into a miasma that only gets worse over time. The lunatic fringe that is the tea party in this state is essentially nothing more than a fringe group.

Like most people around the country, however, few people acknowledge being a part of the tea party and yet their extremist views seem to be everywhere.

People who call themselves conservatives seem to be attaching themselves to insane political and economic philosophies simply because they are under the illusion that even bad Republicans are better than any qualified Democrat.

Score one for the linguistic engineers within the GOP who have convinced too many of our citizens that all Democrats are “socialists” who want to institute “death panels” through “socialized medicine” while generating more revenue for “welfare queens” by engineering a “death tax.”

It is perhaps the worst thing that can happen to a democracy when people don’t take the time to look beyond the veil of outrageous claims or who haven’t developed basic critical thinking skills.

Blind loyalty to a one-party system replaces a democracy with an oligarchy.

Ted Cruz and even Michael Burgess have led us to believe that we must abandon a ship that is in no danger of sinking, but merely one that isn’t painted the right color.

Holding our economy hostage with government shutdowns and refusing to pay our bills are not sane solutions to our problem but simply taking crazy to its illogical conclusion.

Larry Beck