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Letters to the editor, October 21

Give voters a chance

Who better to turn our present situation around than the largely unrepresented American taxpayer? The federal government shutdown served as another reminder that a huge, uncontrolled government is nothing more than a hindrance to decent American people.

The arrogant, inept and self-serving elected officials should be rendered harmless to this country. Allow the populace to deal with everything the government miscreants refuse to handle. Voters could decide which federal agencies to retain, modify or eliminate (including the shifting of responsibilities to state and local governments). Large expenditures could be handled in the same way — by voting.

With a massive reduction in the size of government, a debt-free, “cash only” policy would allow this country to live within its means.

As an honorable people, we must care for the needy, but their numbers are small in comparison to the “wanty.” For the latter, we have no obligation, but it would be a charitable effort to provide good advice. This attitude should extend to foreign governments, as well.

Any program that must be subsidized for its own survival and/or to fill the pockets of opportunists (i.e., wind farm scammers) should be allowed to die a natural death. Likewise, grants could be handled by the private sector. There’s no need for the IRS. Make tax laws simple and eliminate deductions, credits, etc. A maximum tax rate of 10 percent should be more than adequate, with the federal government putting a portion of that into a savings account.

Let’s give the voters a chance.

Mike Thomas