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Letters to the editor, October 28


The Denton Record-Chronicle welcomes letters from our readers about the Denton school district’s $312 million bond package. To be considered for publication, letters must be in our office by 5 p.m. Monday, Oct. 28. No letters about the bond election will be published after Saturday, Nov. 2.


Vote yes on school bonds

There is a bond election in progress right now. As citizens we should take the time to vote. Our future depends on each of us taking part in planning for the future.

We are in a very fortuitous position in our school district. We have a cadre of dedicated teachers who are committed to preparing our children for a great future. Teachers will readily agree that it is difficult, if not impossible, to be effective in a crowded classroom.

This bond election, if approved, will minimize the chance for an increase in portable classrooms. We must support our teachers by providing the facilities and technology that will allow them to give our children the ability to seize their future opportunity.

The projected increase in student enrollment demands that additional facilities be constructed. Currently, our high schools are above their capacity. Additional elementary and middle schools are needed in the near future.

A vote for the proposed bond issue will authorize our dedicated school board to issue bonds to construct the facilities that are currently needed to meet our projected enrollment.

A vote for the bonds will give us the means to continue the advancement of our excellent community. Vote yes for our future.

Bill Giese



Keep early voting convenient

Moving the early voting in Denton to an obscure, hard-to-find address certainly will reduce turnout. Why not leave it at the Carroll Courts Building, which is convenient and easy to find.

Keith Shelton